Success Is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity


This was quote by the late great,  Zig Ziglar.  Such a very true statement because without Opportunity there can not be Success and without Preparation,  Opportunity’s door may never be opened. 

What I am about to share with you has taken me a number of years to figure out.  I just knew that for me, any real opportunity wasn’t the next job interview, I wanted to own my own business.   So naturally went into what I was NAVY trained to do, which was being an electrician.  So I started my own Electrical Contracting business.  I figured with the income I generated from this business, it would allow me to invest in some Real Estate and also make some Stock Market investments that will hopefully retire me at an early age.

Well, a lot sweat, blood and tears went into my Electrical Contracting business.  Long story short, with too many economic variables and maybe some bad business decisions on my part, and after 15 years, lead me to ultimately close up the business and take a full time JOB with another larger Contractor just to be able to keep the “lights on”.  That really was a kick in the gut…

Humbled, I took a job a few years back  but I was still convinced that business ownership was the way to get rich and retire free.  So I kept researching on what I could do make my fortune for me and my family. I still liked Real Estate. I did a couple deals but it takes money.  It’s tough if you don’t have some money and great credit to back you.  Stocks cost money… and they don’t always go up.

There are so many different Business Opportunities out there, what do you choose? What about Franchises?  There are literally hundreds of franchise opportunities and even Mom and Pop shops and hundreds of brick and mortar businesses for sale out there,  it may be seemingly difficult to choose which ones would be a great fit for you.

The investment of  your money and time placed into these types of businesses are so great, especially with large franchises, they can tax you physically and mentally and virtually wipe out your savings just to buy into, set up and run these traditional type businesses.

You literally can spend many, many long hours and actually may only get you the privilege of  OWNING a good paying job.  And although, most franchises may seem like a good safe investment, many of them may not be so good paying after all.   Wait…What?  Really?  Then what’s the point of running a business?

Let me tell you a short franchise story, then I will tell you about a different type of franchise business model but without the HUGE investment and can literally make thousands of dollars per day, without the traditional franchise headaches.

So here’s the story.  I have a friend who has a contracting business like I had, he is an older man and been doing that business a long time.  Well he an his wife bought into a local 7-11 convenience store here in NY.  It’s in a good location, it should be a great investment… So they thought.

In talking about it with my friend, he has confided in me that after 20 years of owning it, the income or profits made by that store only allows them $60,000.00 per year after the store managers, workers, products &  franchise fees are paid.  Now she works very hard and puts a lot of time into the store herself and basically this is what they have to live on.   He tells me they actually may be considering selling out and retiring on the sale proceeds and what they have saved up. Well, after all those years owning it, loans being paid off, I’m sure they will be ok…

It is really sad to think that you invest all that you have (hundreds of thousands of dollars)  to put into some equitable business venture and that all you can make is $60,000 a year???  In my opinion, that is not worth the investment for this type of return.  So why should you still have your own business?  Seems almost better to  just have a job…but then you have given up on your dream, your personal freedom.  I say don’t let that dream fall away!

I have since discovered that not all opportunities are created equal and even the opportunities I will tell you about here, will require your hard work and diligent effort to make it work.

My Business of Choice?  Network Marketing!

Although Network Marketing is not a traditional franchise business, in a sense you have the opportunity of working with a much larger corporation with having systems in place (like McDonalds) to help with your business success.  Even the The Donald and Robert Kiyosaki know that Network Marketing is a sound and proven, business model that can create massive results for the everyday guy or gal looking to make a career change….for the better.

Network Marketing, unlike a traditional franchise business, where the franchisor  makes a royalty on all their franchisee’s stores, in network marketing,  you now will have that same ability to make royalties on the individuals you help set up in business.  Just like a Real Estate Broker makes money with his sales agents when they make a sale.   AND the best part is,  it wont cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in one.  Really…this is such a great concept that I have decided that this is the way that I will make my fortune.

I have reviewed a great many network marketing business ventures.  I’ve tried some different businesses over the years and researched still many more.  Many companies have a products based business and some were service type business  with varying types of compensation plans.  I have narrowed my search down to just a couple of businesses that I think you will find very interesting.

My number one pick (and I’m kind of partial to this industry) is the Health and Wellness industry.  At nearly a trillion dollar industry, being well and feeling well is a unified human philosophy and a massive global opportunity.  And my other pick which ranks very high on popularity with Internet marketers, is an educational platform which teaches you how to market your business.  This educational training along with a host of marketing tools, will allow any business to flourish on the internet.  This industry of  “HOW TO”  is absolutely booming!

Now as I said before, the leverage gained with a Network Marketing business is huge,  rivaling that of large corporations.  While not having the expense and overhead of traditional business, we are able to run massive volume of sales through our organization with each of us doing our little part.   This when done correctly, can leave you with walk away income for life!

So what  companies have I had the pleasure of doing business with?  Well I have two companies  that I am absolutely sure that you will find are worth your investigation is  TriVita, a well established nutraceutical company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  The second is Empower Network a young company out of St. Petersburg, Florida that has built their brand of Internet Marketing training and a viral blogging platform that has the home business industry taking notice.

These two companies stand for integrity, stability and in terms of financial reward, they are “Home Run” opportunities. You can read a bit about each of these companies below and I’ll include some links to their website for which you can get 100% of the information you will need to make a decision.  You certainly don’t have to join both companies, either one is a fantastic opportunity but consider them both carefully as either one or both combined can and will give you the financial freedom you are looking for.


The Trivita Business Opportunity

I have been with a company called TriVita for a little while now and they are a phenomenal company to align yourself with.  They have many great products that make you feel better and energize you but the one product that especially has changed my core wellness is Nopalea.  You may have seen it on TV?

Nopalea is a great tasting cactus juice that has amazing anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce pain and chronic inflammation in your body.  It  is making a world wide buzz in the field of medicine with listings on Physicians Desk Refference  (PDR) and with Austrailia’s  Register of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)   It is a sure bet that people with pain due chronic inflammation can benefit from this proven anti-inflammatory wellness drink.

How I discovered Nopalea

It was after watching a very powerful infomercial one early morning that change my life. I had just woke up because of some pain & discomfort in my neck. This is a common thing for me for the last 6+ years, so a good night’s sleep was kinda rare.  So anyway, this infomercial came on and it happened to be about this product called Nopalea by Sonoran Bloom, a TriVita brand.  Nopalea is a wellness drink that is supposed to stop the pain caused by inflammation.  It’s made from the Sonoran Dessert’s Nopal (prickly pear) cactus.  And it’s all natural…No artificial anything.

I was so moved by the powerful testimonials and the science that backed it, I figured maybe this will work for me and my neck pain.  I was tired of taking Advil all the time, which I know can damage your liver by taking too much of it.   I was ready to buy this “Cactus Juice” immediately!  But then they spoke of an opportunity to market the product and I though to my self….Hmmm, I should look into this.  I decided to research it a bit more and found they have many other health and wellness products and since I am into supplements and that kind of thing,  I became more interested.

What I also found out about Trivita is their Cooperative Marketing, Media Acquisition Plan. This ingenious marketing plan allows YOU, the average guy or gal, to start a business and actually buy the customers that came from the infomercial and profit from their purchases for as long as they are a Trivita Member. What a fantastic marketing strategy, and is unlike any other company I have ever worked with.  Finally a company that “gets it”.  We finally have a way to acquire customers and make great money over the lifetime of that customer.   You can learn more about this amazing product and industry pioneering, customer acquisition program by watching this short video here.

With my further research, it led me to a gentlemen named Mike Riedmiller who is using the Cooperative Marketing Strategy I spoke of above. He has a very large Trivita business and is a respected leader of his team. I found Mike to be very helpful with the questions I had and I was definitely attracted to his business concepts.  I then decided to join Trivita as an Independent Business Owner on Mike’s team and a 100% satisfied user of the Nopalea product.   In just a couple of weeks using Nopalea, the pain in my neck had subsided. I have taken no ibuprofen for this problem since.   And of course, it helps that Trivia’s very generous compensation plan is one of the best in the Network Marketing Industry.  Visit my Trivita Site now to see why joining TriVita is an outstanding opportunity


Next up!  The Empower Network Opportunity

What can I say about a Empower Network?  I saved this for last because without proper marketing training, tools and a blogging platform to get your business message out there on the internet, your website will be lost in sea of millions of sites with no one ever visiting it.  This is where Empower Network has filled the gap for my business. I am now learning new marketing methods that just plain rock!

The Co-Founders Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe are two of the most down to earth dudes.  And I mean down to earth, Bad Ass dudes because of what they have built and accomplished in the last couple years has literally shaken up the internet marketing and network marketing industry with their Marketing Training & Viral Blogging System.

This has created an opportunity that has never been done before, by letting us resell their training and systems for an unheard of 100% commissions.  That’s right 100%.  Where else can you sell something that you did not develop, sell it and make 100% commissions on each sale.  Totally ridiculous money to be made here.

Look I won’t go on and on about Empower Network.  I’ll just share a couple stats with you about the company.  They are ranked #409th most visited site in the world as ranked by  That is outstanding, being that as of writing this, they are less than two years old with a global ranking as high as this.  Even beating out sites like Ebay, Home and CBS news for most trafficked websites.   A company that has paid over 50 million in commissions in the less than 16 months and now has over 115, 000 affiliates and customers using their product since the company started back in October 2011.

Joining The Right Team

Lastly I want to say is this…IT MATTERS WHICH TEAM YOU JOIN…PERIOD!  I have been blessed by the fact that I have joined the largest and fasted growing team in all of Empower Network, Team Take Massive Action.  My Sponsor and Founder of Team Take Massive Action,  Chris Record has merged with a few other “heavy hitting” marketers to bring us the best training strategies this side of Empower Network’s own training.

Wow!  I am continually amazed at the value that this team is offering to their affiliates.  This is the #2 reason why most people fail in this industry because they are left with a lack of leadership and training from upline leaders.  Team TMA has you covered with added training videos and live Google Hangouts, team lead capture pages, a private Facebook group with over 5000 active members and all kinds of other great tips & tricks get you making money FAST!

Hey, you want to know what the #1 reason for people failing in this business is?  You may have guessed it,  lack of motivation on the individual himself.  Sometime we just need a “kick in the pants” to get going  am I right?  Well with this team, you will be in awe of how many people are willing to uplift you to get you be the marketer you want to be.  Just incredible stories of people having success with Empower Network.  Because of the incredible training, personal development and inspiration people receive here with Empower Network and Team Take Massive Action, it has given them the knowledge and tools for building their primary business too.

So yeah  Empower is probably the greatest income building system out on the web today but they also teach you how to market a business, so even if you came here with a business you are extremely passionate about like I am about TriVita, you can be assured that there is no high pressure sales here to buy any of their products.  Once you see the value of the blogging system & training you will receive… once you join the ranks of an army of 10o,000 marketing bad asses in Empower Network, you will just love the idea sharing this with your team and make a very large second income stream.  Oh yeah and it is 100% yours!

So let’s get going  on this journey working together!  Click the link and find out how you can be a part of Empower Network and Team Take Massive Action.