My name is Mike Scarchilli,  I want to thank you for visiting our web site today.  I congratulate you in taking the first steps on the journey toward wellness and financial freedom.  Living the life of complete health and wellness along with gaining the ultimate lifestyle and time freedom. In these pages you will discover what I call the best Plan B that I have found over my last 20 years being self employed.

In the next few paragraphs I would like to tell you a bit about me, my family, my business and our team and how we have become part of a premier TriVita team who is creating more financially free TriVita Independent Business Owners. So get yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and relax, take notes and above all… Take Action!

My Story

I first looked into the Network Marketing industry oh… it was about 1989-90, in the early stages of my career as an apprentice electrician.   It was about then a good friend of mine and co-worker named George introduced me to the world of Multi-Level or Network Marketing.  I did not even know what that was but I could see the power of leveraged income right away.  I saw this business model as a way to make some extra money part time.  So I joined the program but neither George or any of the up-line partners had the marketing skills to teach me to become successful in this type of business and after joining him in three different companies, (two of which went out of business) I quit.  I then swore off these kinds of networking businesses for over 15 years.  I decided on a new Plan B.

My new Plan B was to start my own Electrical Contracting Company and join the ranks of the Self Employed. Talk about hard knock lessons!  I once again faced the fact that I really did not have the marketing skills and capital to build a solid performing Electrical Company.  And although I had the skill set to do the work, I struggled to get established.

A few years later, I met my wife to be, Michelle.  We got married, built a house and had two beautiful little girls, Madison & Mia.  With a little family structure and purpose (and some free help from my wife) that’s when things started to turn around in my business.  I now had some inspiration to be better and I had my reason WHY!

I now had some office support (and it only cost me a wedding ring, LOL) so i could go out and work only 8-10+ hours a day sweating, running wires in customer’s attics or freezing outside putting in a new electric service.  I hired some employees (and dealt with the headaches that ensued with managing them) to help with the growing work load.

My company did do well for a number of years, but construction is a tough business.  Always waiting to get paid for work completed a month ago and there always some other contractor willing to do the the job for less money.   I found myself in a  business that just eats at any profits you thought you may have seen on a good job, only to end up paying for the loser jobs.

I was thinking, maybe I should change gears.  Maybe start another business?  But what?  Well, I did start another business, a Beauty Salon, with my brother.  I invested thousands into that too.  Well… i won’t go into that story but let’s just say that it was destined to fail.

Then in 2004, as if my friend Benny could read my mind, knowing that I was tired of the ups and downs of a construction business, he introduced me to yet another MLM business.

Are Your Options Open?

Well…always looking to keep my options open, I was willing try just about anything to eventually get me out of the construction business. I entertained the idea and he “Showed me The Plan”.  “Wow” I said, “this opportunity is great, an online shopping mall with thousands of products from big name stores and hundreds of exclusive health and beauty products”. I decided to give it a shot, hoping that I could really finally retire from construction.

Well, It had literally taken me about 4 years of doing what my business mentors told me to do and to “Just Follow The System” and that I would be successful. I must say that I learned a lot with this company and its leadership.  How to build relationships and all the personal trainings and team meetings, hotel meetings, home meetings and product seminars…. And did I mention the meetings?  Uhg!

I since found out some very important ingredients were missing in my marketing that was not being taught by my up-line mentors. They just did not know the strategies of the new age of Network Marketing…The Internet.

While continuing to do more meetings and run out to “Show The Plan” to unqualified prospects, I  failed miserably.  Until… one day while searching the web, I stumbled upon the internet marketing genius, Mike Dillard.  Mike Dillard created Magnetic Sponsoring. The Networker’s Handbook of Attraction Marketing & Internet Marketing strategies for building a large networking army of distributors.  If you’ve been in the industry long enough, i am sure you may have heard of Mike’s story and the strategies he teaches.  If you should decide to join our team you will likely want to learn what he teaches about Internet Marketing.

Another inspiration of mine is a gentleman named Tracy Biller, the creator of the Ultimate Success CDs.  Tracy is well respected, Network Marketing Industry Trainer,  his free training newsletters offer a wealth of information about the Network Marketing industry.  The Ultimate Success CDs are a no nonsense, blunt and to the point, tried and true methods of training for Network Marketers and is second to none.  His strategies and tactics for finding your target market and converting them into paying customers is something you will undoubtedly find beneficial to your business. If you apply his methods, you will succeed in the Network Marketing industry. Period.

So how is Network Marketing working for me?

I will say the learning curve has been a bit arduous and has taken an number of years to finally put all the pieces together.  I have since narrowed it down from many,many different trainings, to save you from spending the thousands of dollars for training that I have willingly paid over the last couple years.  Training for what I thought was going to help me build my business.  I firmly believe that I have figured out what is the best mix of the Target Marketing methods of Tracy Biller and the Attraction Marketing approach, using the latest internet marketing strategies as Mike Dillard teaches, to a combined system what i like to call it as The Inter-Network Marketing Approach. Undoubtedly the best of both worlds, these two strategies meld traditional marketing methods with internet marketing methods, to combine into a powerful, laser targeted customer acquisition system.  If you decide to work with us, you will have access to this invaluable information.

The Trivita Business Opportunity

I have since left the other companies that I have tried and had not much success with. It was after watching a very powerful infomercial one early morning that change my life. I had just woke up because of some pain & discomfort in my neck. This is a common thing for me for the last 6+ years, so a good night’s sleep was kinda rare.  So anyway, this infomercial came on and it happened to be about this product called Nopalea by Sonoran Bloom, a TriVita brand.  Nopalea is a wellness drink that is supposed to stop the pain caused by inflammation.  It’s made from the Sonoran Dessert’s Nopal (prickly pear) cactus.  And it’s all natural…No artificial anything.

I was so moved by the powerful testimonials and the science that backed it, I figured maybe this will work for me and my neck pain.  I was tired of taking Advil all the time, which I know can damage your liver by taking too much of it.   I was ready to buy this “Cactus Juice” immediately!  But then they spoke of an opportunity to market the product and I though to my self….Hmmm, I should look into this. I decided to research it a bit, found they have many other health and wellness products, which I am into that kind of stuff.

What I also found out about Trivita’s Cooperative Marketing, Media Acquisition Plan. This ingenious marketing plan allows YOU, the average guy or gal, to start a business and actually buy the customers that came from the infomercial and profit from their purchases for as long as they are a Trivita Member. What a fantastic marketing strategy, and is unlike any other company I have ever worked with. Finally a company that “gets it”.  You can learn more about this amazing product and industry pioneering, customer acquisition program by watching this short video here.

With my further research, it led me to a gentlemen named Mike Riedmiller who is using the internet marketing strategies I spoke of above. He has a very large Trivita business and is a respected leader of his team. I found Mike to be very helpful with the questions I had and I was definitely “attracted” to his business concepts.  I then decided to join Trivita as an Independent Business Owner on Mike’s team and a 100% satisfied user of the Nopalea product.   In just a couple of weeks using Nopalea, the pain in my neck had subsided. I have taken no ibuprofen for this problem since.   And of course, it helps that Trivia’s very generous compensation plan is one of the best in the Network Marketing Industry.

Well that’s enough about me, now it’s time to put my focus on you. We have the tools and the expertise to give you the confidence to build a very successful business online.  Our marketing and training systems are designed to make building your business like a turnkey franchise business and most of all make your business fun to do . You will not have to learn any complicated website building skills, the company provides you with a replicated site for you to promote all of the Trivita product line.

I will also show you how you can have a personalized Word Press site just like mine in just a few hours, it can be live on the internet attracting new prospects to your business. Like a well oiled machine it will help you leverage your time so you can finally build a big business while getting your nights and weekends back and give it to the people who matter most…your family and friends.  But remember, as in any business, people buy from people, not systems.  So building relationships is key to lasting success. You are the lifeblood of your organization! “The System” is the heart of it, keeping the life blood pumping throughout the organization.

With that said, we wish to build a long term business relationship with you, introduce you to the team and get you acquainted with our training and marketing systems. If ever I can be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to call me or shoot me an email. Come join us!

To Your Career Success,
Mike Scarchilli,

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