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My name is Mike Scarchilli of M4 Marketing Inc.  and I want to congratulate you for stopping by our site.   You came here because you’re probably are wondering about starting a home based business or maybe you have been some other home business that you just did not get the right support or in the worst case…the company had some problems and maybe even shut down.  This happens even in traditional business.  When Companies experience a slow down, this usually means they need to cut expenses.   And when that happens… people get laid off!

We are here to put and end to that and get you started on the path of Business Ownership.

Our mission

My dedication is to help everyone who seriously wants to make  a change in their career & financial well being.  We can give them the tools and knowledge to achieve a lifestyle and freedom like that of a pro baseball player or a movie star.  Seriously… you CAN live that dream but it will require an open mind about business.

Only dreaming of the big money and time freedom isn’t going to cut it. We all know this.  What we can offer you, will set you on the right path to living your dreams but it will require you to set aside the “employee mindset”, or the “get a good education, to get a good job mindset” that our parents and teachers have engrained in our minds about being… “successful”.  Add a little business and marketing strategies and some diligent work ethic and you CAN eventually live that dream of wealth and freedom, to live a lifestyle that the mega rich enjoy.

Ok…maybe you have a dream of getting couple guys or gals from the office to start up a rock band called F.U.BOSS, signing a 20 million dollar contract deal and performing around the world but…your YouTube videos  just haven’t hit the world’s radar yet. If that’s your dream… Go For It!  As for the the rest of us who can’t sing or dance or can throw a football 50 yards, we need a Plan B.

 Well, since I didn’t have any of those talents either, I discovered a business model that will give  you more than enough money to retire earlier than you think, and live like a retired NBA All Star.

I just couldn’t think of working for the rest of my life.  Really… life is too short to be broke and still working for the Boss (and sometimes, well after retirement age).  Hey, maybe you like your Boss.  Well… I liked mine too until he let me go.  Where’s the loyalty?  There is just too much of that S#!T going on these days in the corporate world.

Unemployment is still too high and I don’t see it getting all that much better in this election year or the next.  With promises rarely kept, we elect these men in hopes of a better economy, creating more jobs and a better way of life.  Well as you may have heard, the recent jobs forecast was not as good as expected and will probably be relatively the same news, with maybe only a mild increase in jobs the next report.  Not too promising to get that new $$6 figure job.

Hey, I have nothing against jobs and some pay EXTREMELY well.  But those jobs are far and few between and usually much is expected of you.  Working very long hours away from your family…your life is not your own.  Believe me I know, I had one of those cushy project management jobs.  As for the rest of the working world,  most people don’t have that cushy 6 figure job and still have to work long hours for not much pay.  Now don’t get me wrong, we will always need people to make our clothes and produce our food and all the other wonderful services people provide, I just prefer to make profits instead of wages.

However making profits through business ownership is not for the fool minded people who expect when they do something today and expect to be paid on the spot.  Common sense  will tell you, it just doesn’t work that way.  Listen, I will tell you about two great Home Businesses that will pay you very generously (and one of them DAILY) for your work.  Notice I did not say “hard work”.   If you have to have a good work ethic and a bit of patience, these Companies will pay you astronomically well.   Click on my Opportunities tab to find out more about what businesses I am affiliated with and find out if what I can offer you, is something you’d like to pursue.

Time for a Change?

I hear it from people all the time, “I’m tired of the long hours & the long commute, is there something out there that isn’t all hype that I can do from my home?  As a matter of fact I am one of those people.  I hated commuting to work, I just felt I needed a change, so I started looking at ways to work from home.  I found a couple of great opportunities that I’d like to share with you so that you can skip that tiresome commute.  Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Hey, with the price of gas and the wear and tear on your car, wouldn’t be nice if you could Tele-Commute or these days… Computer-Commute to earn a living?  To be able to work from YOUR desk (or kitchen table) earn a great living and know that your future is in your own hands.  That is so powerful!

What if… you could find a way to dramatically increase your income while still making the salary you are currently making?

What if… you could muster a few extra hours a week of some consistent work, using some proven strategies and in 6 months to a year, be able to finally leave that commute behind if you choose to ?

What if… there was something that you can do in your spare time that you could generate enough extra cash a month, that could put you into that new car, take a much needed vacation or pay for lil’ John’s braces,  in just few weeks, would you at least take a look at it?

Well if you are anything like my wife and I, the answer would be a resounding… YES!

There truly is a way to start a business and

make money from your home…in your spare time!

Spare time… what’s that?  I know, I know, what spare time?  We all have just 24 hrs. in a day to get everything done that our jobs, our family and our friends require of us…and we have to sleep too.  We all have spare time, we just have to prioritize it.  The spare time businesses that I will talk to you about, can take you from Just Over Broke to Ahhh… I now have more money than month? Recognize the letters in this acronym? It’s called a J.O.B. Look,  all kidding aside, most people’s situation is that they have more bills at the end of the month, than money to pay for them…comfortably.

Many people feel that a business of their own would be great if only there was just  something that they could get into, that would not take a whole bunch of time or kill their life savings to start up and maintain.  Something they could feel good about what they are doing and yet make a substantial amount of money while not losing the income & security that their current job gives them.

The business model I’m talking about is Network Marketing.  Now before you get all squirmy thinking MLM or Network Marketing is just some “pyramid deal”, maybe you will consider that Network Marketing is the only business that allows you to leverage the same 24 hours we all have and by the power of network team building, multiplies your efforts and earnings by many times. Your JOB (as pyramidal as that deal is) will only pay you for the time you spend on the clock.  God forbid you get sick and you can’t punch that clock anymore, your paycheck will eventually….STOP.

* Did you know that some of the world’s wealthiest men endorse and even own Network Marketing companies?  Guys with a whole lot of money, like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet own successful Network Marketing companies.  And Rich Dad Poor Dad’s, Robert Kiyosaki explains the benefits of a network marketing business. What is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki

Time Is Money…or is it?  The Power of Time Compounding

Picture this… If you could some how come up with all the cash (multi-millions of $$) to buy 100 McDonalds franchises and each one was open just 10 hours a day, that would equate to 1000 hours a day of productivity.  At your job, you probably could do 50 or 60  hours a week (maybe a bit more if you are a working machine) am I right?  To make more money at your job you would need to multiply your time and effort (Cloning myself comes to mind…hmmm).  Well anyway, let’s keep going with the example.    What if each hour, your 100 restaurants only brought in $100 dollars every hour and you as the franchise owner made just 2% royalty of every dollar brought in?  Now let’s do the math.  1000 hours x $100 = $100,000 x 2% = $2000.00 per day.  That’s each day! Now that’s leverage… but at an extreme cost to own and maintain.

A Network Marketing business operates in the same manor by having a network of distributors or affiliates working in your organization thereby allowing you a small percentage of the profits that the entire group makes,  leveraging your time.  Think of building your Networking business like the bulldozer and the snowball effect in the picture at the right.  Which do you choose?  The Network power of a bulldozer making gobs of money or the power of  YOU still working until you’re 72, for your moderate retirement nest egg?   The choice is easy. That’s the power of leveraging your time in a franchise business… and for far less of an investment than a traditional franchise.

Now, I’m not saying that you will make $2,000 in a day in your home business (at least not right away)  but an additional $2000.00 a month is very real and you can do that in your spare time.  Wouldn’t a couple extra grand a month help you an your family?  That is very doable with the businesses I will show you and in fact some Affiliates are making $5, 10, 20,000.00 a month and more, working from the comfort of their home.   That is life changing income!  Heck… that is address changing income! And you cannot beat the time freedom and lifestyle, that kind of reoccurring income can bring.  So…say good bye to your boss!

So what would having a Network Marketing business of your own do for you?

  • It promotes a sense of freedom and self worth that working for someone else just can’t provide.
  • It leverages your precious time, so that you can tend to the things that matter most to you, like your hobbies, family and friends.
  • Network Marketing provides the ongoing override royalty income and a lifestyle that most people can only dream about.  Live life like it was meant to be.
  • It affords you the peace of mind that you are no longer a slave to the corporate bosses and that your income is only limited by your dreams, your attitude and and a consistent work ethic.
  • It allows for you to take hundreds or even thousands of dollars in legitimate tax deductions. By owning your own business, you will get to keep more of your hard earned money this year!
  • It won’t cost you your life savings or a second mortgage to start a home based business.  Just a small initial investment, some low monthly business upkeep expenses like; buying some product to use and give as samples, your phone & internet,  and a bit of advertising is just about all that is required.
  • You’ll get phenomenal corporate and team support in getting your business up and running.  We’ll help you shorten the learning curve and get you in the black quickly!

Now can you see the benefits of business ownership? Why not get started today?

Mike I have heard enough. I want to know more about this business!

How do I fire my Boss?

If you are with me this far, let me just say that this will require some work.  But rather you will work smarter, not harder!

Listen, your JOB cannot pay you what you are worth but rather, what the job is worth. With a Home Business in Network Marketing, you now can leverage your efforts by developing a sales force of motivated & hungry affiliate members who also have the same dream to retire at a very early age as you do.  You will now be able to make a weekly Royalty Override Income from the sales organization that you’ve helped build.  Much like the McDonalds example, you can now make what you are worth, NOT what your job is worth.  And in time, you will start to work a lot less and make a whole lot more!

Look, you want out of the rat race don’t you? You would like to spend more time with your family don’t you?  Have more money for family vacations or provide for your kid’s college tuition don’t you?  Well let me just say that if your reason for not doing a part time business is the lack of free time, then you my friend, are in dire need of a priority check up!

Now I don’t mean to say that your priorities are not straight by no means.  I would never suggest that.  What I am saying is, you need to give yourself a TIME priority check up. I’m saying, that you may have to give up something… in order to get something very valuable in return. Can you give up some TV time?  Can you give up Facebooking? Give up on some dinners out to help fund your new venture? You WILL have to give up those things which may not be totally productive with your time or money to achieve the success and lifestyle you desire.  If you can give me just a couple nights a week to work together, I believe anyone can do what I’m going to share with you.  Click on the Opportunities tab above and find out more about this exciting industry in Network Marketing which allows the “little guy” to become a giant in The Game of Business.


To your success!


Best regards,

Michael Scarchilli

M4 Marketing inc.

Marketers of Fine Health and Wellness Products  and Business Opportunities


Contact Me:

Email: Networkmentor@msn.com

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PS. Don’t let your inhibitions or self imposed fears tell you that you can’t do this business.  Life is too short to live a life of mediocrity.  Ask yourself this one last question.   Where do you see where you will be in the next 5 years?  The actions you take today will affect the outcome of the next 5 years.  Don’t let another 5 years pass you by and look back and say “I should have given this my best shot”.

Be empowered. Take action. Make a difference!







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